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Preparing for another  Rooftop installtion.                                                                                                                                          Champion              Cutting Tool

On April 3,1998 a group of seasoned HVAC veterans formed The Fresh Air Company in response to the repeated requests for "customized service".

Unable to meet these needs with their current employers, they set out to answer the call.

Leaving behind the contact lists and comforts of the large contractors, the road ahead was going to be tough.

With the help of  their first customer, a well respected commercial developer, the bills somehow got paid.

As the vision formed, the customer list grew and we began to believe that our company had a chance to meet the goals set forth.

Persseverance, and luck brought new faces, and quality technicians who move us forward on a daily basis.

Ten years later we have learned to trust our instincts, and to always remember that it is the relationship that must be  maintained.

The bottom line is, the customer.

Your comfort and your trust, we put first.

On behalf of all of us here, We thank you for your continued patronage......